Wolfenstein RPG

Wolfenstein RPG

Wolfenstein RPG is a turn-based first person shooter based on the original Wolfenstein 3D series, developed by id Software and published by EA Mobile.

The Game

Your go by the name of Sergeant BJ Blazkowicz (Stop laughing.), an American soldier fighting in World War 2, and you have just escaped from a Nazi prison by overpowering a guard, taking his pistol, and shooting your way out. You try to round up other Allied prisoners and go deeper and deeper into Castle Wolfenstein, discovering that the Axis have been up to no good: genetically engineering super soldiers, creating an undead army, and building creatures so foul that the mere sight of them causes a chill to run down your spine. Alright, it wasn’t their sight that did that, it was the fact that they just blew their ice breath at you and froze you dead in your tracks.

Of course, as a sergeant in the Allied armies, none of this even makes you flinch. You bravely go where no man, woman, or very courageous dogs even think about going. You walk around shooting Nazi soldiers, blowing up walls, destroying tables and chairs, eating chicken, looting shelves, and mixing concoctions into syringes that give you extraordinary abilities. You’re going to need every single one of those extraordinary abilities (Alright, maybe you’ll only really need a handful of types of syringes.) because the enemies go from weak, little sissy soldiers to big, hulking, rocket-slinging beasts. To ensure that you do survive the much tougher enemies, you do get more and more powerful weapons like the machine gun and rocket launcher.

At your disposal are three types of weapons: Melee, Ranged, and Explosive. Melee is great for knocking the heads off of skeletons, beating up lesser minions, throwing toilets and sinks, and smashing those pesky tables and chairs. Ranged weapons let you bust a cap into bumps all around you, going from pistols to assault rifles to sniper rifles, this will be your bread and butter for most of the game. Explosive weapons include sticks of dynamite, which you can use to blow up enemies, set traps, or open up cracked walls for secrets, and a rocket launcher which blows up whatever stands in its path. You control everything at your disposal using an on-screen d-pad and heads up display, simple enough controls especially for someone as awesome as you. There are also several medals you can attain from every level from achievements such as reading every book, destroying every object, or killing every single one of your enemies, and more!


Wolfenstein RPG comes with graphics that stay true to the original, using flat textures that are drawn according to the perspective of the player. Nothing special, but the retro feeling is well encapsulated and it runs ever so smooth.


The soundtrack for Wolfenstein RPG is only existent in the main menus, but it has a subtle army-march feeling to it that fits the game quite appropriately. Otherwise, the sound effects in the game are superb – from the cracks of bones, to the sounds of fists pounding faces, all the way to the sounds of rockets exploding in the distance.


Wolfenstein RPG is a fantastic adaptation of the original version – the turn-based aspect of the game allows both casual and more hardcore gamers to enjoy the game without relying on insane twitch-reflex abilities. In addition, the RPG elements of the game add a greater level of depth that make Wolfenstein RPG one of those titles that you definitely must have on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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