Volley is a quasi-volleyball game released by TAPelicious.

The Game

Volley is essentially an overhaul and modernization of one of my favourite games: Slime Volleyball. In Volley, you control a slime, who must defeat the other slime in a game that slightly resembles volleyball. And by slightly resembles, I mean that you hit a ball over a net, and you make sure it doesn’t touch the ground that you walk on. You do not have teammates, the ball will bounce off the edge of the screen, and you slide along the ground. In order to control your faithful slime, you are given a slider bar underneath your slime (You can choose whether you want to slide with your left or right hand in the Settings) and a jump button on the opposite side of the screen. The controls will take some getting used to, and for those of us with sweaty palms, get used to wiping your palms on your jeans frequently, and cursing when your finger gets stuck and the ball drops. Of course, the pause button was placed right next to the slider bar, which means if you slide too far, you’re going to hit it and you are probably going to lose a point as soon as you continue. Seriously, it couldn’t be placed elsewhere?

Controls aside, the purpose of the game is to basically outscore your opponent. When you’re just rolling through the levels, where the opponent’s AI becomes increasingly challenging, you just have to be the first slime to make it to 6 points. There are 16 of these levels you must conquer. You can also select which level you wish to play, and whether you want to end it at 6 points, or do an Endless Game, where you can play up to whatever score you want to. Personally, the opposing slimes only really began scoring on me at around level 7, but I do have previous Slime Volleyball experience. What will actually slow you down and frustrate you to no end is the amount of graphical glitches and buggy behaviour that will definitely rear its ugly head. I have had numerous experiences where the ball would pass through my slime, pass through the net, drop straight down, and warp through the environment. Definitely needed a bit more polish before its release.


Volley has great graphics. The art in the game is very polished and well done, and is definitely the strongest point of the game. Every level has one of four backdrops: a day nature scene, a night nature scene, a day urban scene, and a night urban scene. These backdrops have a nice level of detail to them and fit the cartoony-style of the game.


The game has no soundtrack to speak of, but will allow your iPod to play at the same time, which is great considering this game is a casual playing game. The sound effects are nice, but there really aren’t many to speak of.

Additional Comments

The glitches and bugs that appear throughout the game really do ruin the experience. In addition, it would have been nice to have a multiplayer feature, either through local or wifi connections, but that can be added in later updates.


Volley is essentially a graphical overhaul of the original Slime Volleyball. I only say graphical because many of the glitches that appear in Slime Volleyball appear here as well (In fact, there are probably more in Volley than in Slime Volleyball. If you are a fan of the series, it is worth following until they polish up the game, but for now I would hold back on the purchase.

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