Summation is a very simple game that becomes very difficult, very quickly. You drop number tiles next to other tiles in a bid to achieve the goal of the round through the collective sums of adjacent tiles. Basically, you make the numbers add up to the goal of the round, with tiles above and to the sides. If the game were just this, I would have had no trouble getting onto the leaderboards. Of course, there are things in your way. A round is essentially a finite number of moves – every time you drop a tile, you lose a star at the bottom of the screen, and the round is over when the stars are gone. The goal of every round increases incrementally as the rounds go on, and number tiles of greater value are introduced.

Combos are also a strategic part of Summation, as they provide score multipliers and score the most that you possibly can. The score is important in Summation mostly for the competitive aspect, you can go for as many rounds possible, but your score may not be as high as others who used combos effectively. Of course, you will be reminded of this when the person on the leaderboard who beat you did it in much less rounds than you played. Pwned. Summation might feel a bit slow at times, when you are sitting there brainstorming moves that will benefit you the most, but what can you really do.


Summation doesn’t have the best graphics in the world, nor should it, because it is just a numbers game. What I really liked about the art behind Summation is that it uses a chalkboard theme, which is great for the brainy-feel of the game, but is not a huge benefit for the game personally. Decent graphics overall, could definitely use more polish.


Summation has a cute little soundtrack in the main menu that is upbeat and very cheerful, but unfortunately goes away once you start playing the game. In the actual game, there are little sound effects here and there, but nothing substantial.

Additional Comments

Summation does get a little boring after a while, especially after progressing through round after round of numbers. Thankfully, it is very easy to play Summation casually, but I do wish there were more variety in terms of play modes.


Numbers are always a fun thing to play with and Summation definitely a great numbers fix. Unfortunately, the game does get boring and it could really use more play modes. Number lovers will enjoy it, and everyone else should definitely check it out!

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