Star Hogs

Star Hogs

What did you call me?

Star Hogs is a great turn-based strategy game, you control a fleet of ships who must face off with other ships who are of different colour. That’s right, I just pulled out the colour card. Anyhow, you purchase ships to add to your armada, and there are three different types according to how you wish to use the ships. There are Combat, Engineering, and Intelligence ships, all of which have different statistics. For example, Combat ships have the best thrust, Engineering ships can carry the most and have the best armour, and Intelligence ships have the highest amount of shields. In addition, the set up of the ships will be different, specifically the number of Arms, Hull, and Tech slots each ship has.

Star Hogs has several options of play: Campaign, Free Play, and Online. Campaign is a great way to learn game mechanics, see the different types of environments available and how gravity affects them all (”Holy crap it’s going AROUND the planet!”) and unlocking different types of weapons for outfitting on your ships. Free Play is great practice on up to three other AI-controlled teams with anywhere from 1-4 ships. Online should be the bread and butter of Star Hogs, because you can square off with players around the world and show them who has bigger missiles. I said “should” be the bread and butter because online has its problems: connectivity issues when trying to log in and the lack of actual players playing the game. It really needs more people online, so get this game!

Eat missile, sucker.

A lot of people will be comparing Star Hogs to the Worms franchise, and that is a fair comparison. They are both turn-based strategy warfare games, they have many weapons in their arsenal, your team has limited health, weapons are affected by gravity, and you’re fighting on a flat environment that is destructible. Those are the handful of similarities that you will find between Worms and Star Hogs, but it begins to deviate from there. Star Hogs sometimes feels like a simpler version of Worms, but it is really a different experience altogether.


Star Hogs has fantastic graphics, using 3D models set on a flat landscape that gives the game a really great sense of depth. The planets are beautifully rendered, and overall, the graphics in Star Hogs are some of the best 3D modeling I have seen for iPhone games. Unfortunately, it just isn’t as nice looking as it could be as a 3D model, but it still does a bang up job.


Star Hogs has a pretty rock-centric soundtrack, which fits in perfectly with each round starting off with “Rock and Load!” There really isn’t much to say about the sound of Star Hogs, it is decent and it gets the job done, and you always have the option of playing your iPod instead of the in-game sound.

Additional Comments

I really wish more people played online, because then it would be a better experience. For now, a good number of people play at any given time, but either they suck real bad or they outright destroy you, some people in the mid-range would be nice!


Star Hogs is a quality game made for the iPhone by a fantastic independent developer based in Vancouver. (Gotta support fellow Canadians!) You will enjoy blasting the crap out of computers and other players alike, definitely a must have game for the iPhone!

Gameplay – 9.0

Graphics – 9.0

Sound – 7.5

SCORE – 8.5

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