Snack Attack

Snack Attack

Snack Attack is the third installment of games from the Zimmer Twins cartoon franchise of Teletoon, made by zinc Roe Designs.

The Game

Snack Attack is a very simple game: fat kids coming at you. Okay, it isn’t that simple, but the scenario is that it is Halloween and trick-or-treaters are hungry, and they are storming your front door for some of that sweet, sweet candy. Of course, you don’t want them to take your entire stash, so you chuck one or two pieces at them to keep them at bay. This is basically the manifestation of all of the problems we, as a society, would face should we ever run out of food: fat kids will storm your doors and steal whatever they can get their hands on.

Jokes aside, Snack Attack plays like a devilishly simple game. You tap and hold onto your bowl to increase power, and let go to launch your sugar missiles. You can also tap and hold with two fingers to release a candy bomb that will take care of every child around its immediate vicinity. Survive as long as possible without letting those darned kids touch your candy bowl, and score as many points as possible. You will receive more points the farther back you can nail a kid with your candy, so try to be ready for them!


The art of the Zimmer Twins games has always been the drawing point for me because they are so well drawn, smoothly animated, and are very cute. You can see what sort of enemies you will face in the screenshots, but there are quite a few more not pictured.


The soundtrack for Snack Attack is my favourite so far of all the Zimmer Twins games simply because it feels like a real Halloween track and it is very high energy. Real fitting of the game. The sound effects are quite good, specific kids will make certain noises when you hit them with candy, like the beep boop of the kid in the robot outfit, or the groan of the fat kid who takes two hits to kill.

Additional Comments

As always, I felt the game was a bit short but for the price it is really expected. Snack Attack is a great game to pass around with friends to compete on who can get the highest score, or just a game to entertain your kids or nephews and nieces.


Snack Attack is a great little game that is quick, simple, and really fun for all ages. The art behind it is fantastic, and the soundtrack, in my opinion, is the best of the three Zimmer Twins iPhone games, definitely worth checking out!

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