ShapeShape places you square in the shoes of … well, a square, a square that has lost his family and is searching for them by rolling and floating around through various levels. You make the little fella move around by tapping the screen, and your touch will cause him to repel away from you, which is rather insulting if you think about it, but it does get the job done. You can collect stars as you travel through the level, which will give you additional points. To gain an even greater amount of points, you can also attempt to get one of many bonuses: Time, Flight, First Try, All Stars, and Pain-Free. Time, First Try, and All Stars bonuses are pretty self explanatory. Flight essentially means that you get through the entire level without touching the ground once, and Pain-Free means you didn’t cause your cute little square buddy to come crashing into the ground.

In addition to the single player campaign, you can create your own level set in the fantastic level editor included in the game, share that level set online, and play with the level sets that other people have created. This aspect of the game essentially gives it an unlimited depth, as you can play a huge number of custom level sets available online and compete against other people for highs cores on their level sets. Another nifty feature was the “Race” feature that I didn’t really get to try, but you can connect with someone else playing ShapeShape via Bluetooth, and have a race on who can finish a level fastest.


The graphics of ShapeShape are very simple and clean, they aren’t very impressive but they do get the job done. I would also like to add that the expressions of the squares are very cute, and that scored extra points from me.


ShapeShape has a great upbeat soundtrack in the menus, but it fades away when you start playing the game. The actual sound effects in the game are very upbeat themselves for completion of levels and rather downbeat for running into spikes and other bad things. Obvious, I know, but when a game has sound effects that fit the outcome of your actions, then it gives off a very polished feel.

Additional Comments

The touch controls in ShapeShape are very intuitive, but at times they do feel a little difficult to use. In addition, it would have also been nice to have multi-touch controls for increased speed and accuracy.


ShapeShape is a fun and cute game that has you searching for a little square’s lost family by navigating through a multitude of levels without dying. You will have a lot of fun playing through the single player levels but the real fun comes in when you play all the levels made by other players online, giving the game a huge amount of depth.

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