Rolando is a puzzle adventure game developed by HandCircus and published by ngmoco:).

The Game

Rolando is a fun puzzle/adventure game that uses the accelerometer and touch screen features of the iPhone and iPod Touch. You control most Rolandos by tilting the device to make them move from around. You use the touch screen for menu navigation, interacting with objects in the game like elevators and hinges, and selecting Rolandos. You can also make the Rolandos jump by flicking your finger up on the screen. Occasionally, some Rolando commandos will be under your control, these spiky ball stick to surfaces and jump to other surfaces on your command. You learn the basics through tutorial levels, but the basics do take quite some time to get down.

Your goal is to get a certain number of Rolandos through a door. Sometimes, this can be simple, but at times it is actually much harder than it seems. For each stage there are medals for beating the stage within the time limit and collecting all the gems. This is great because it gives the perfect challenge for each stage and increases replay value. Though you don’t get a medal, it is fun to try to do all of them in one go. One of the best features of Rolando is iSave, essentially an anti-rage-quitting tool that will save your spot should you leave the game, for any reason.

My biggest complaint of Rolando is that it has been done before. If you haven’t played LocoRoco, let me get you up to speed. It looks, feels, and plays exactly like Rolando, minus the iPhone/iPod Touch features. The features added for the iPhone/iPod platform does make, obviously in my opinion, Rolando a better game, but it bothers me that they are so similar, like HandCircus and ngmoco:) were not trying to make an original game.


Rolando’s graphics are acceptable. The game is very charming in every sense, such as the pop-up book level selector, the colors, and the Rolando’s themselves, just to name a few. Everything is nicely colored or not colored, like the enemies. It has a good feel about it. I hate to say describe a game like this, but the graphics can best be summed up as cute.


Like the graphics, Rolando’s sound effects are just as good. There isn’t a whole lot of detail to go into about them, but it is definitely a game to have the sound up all the way, or under 80% of maximum volume if your using headphones. Safety first! The music, though hard to describe, works in perfect harmony with the rest of the game. Once again, I do have to advise playing this game with the sound on.

Additional Comments

Rolando is one game that is hard to put down. Once you get going, it always seems to be, “one more medal” or, “one more stage.” The game is dangerously addicting at best. There is plenty of content through the many stages, both bonus and regular, the medals, and just playing the game to play it. Even if you have played the LocoRoco series, Rolando is still a game worth picking up.


Rolando is the perfect game for anyone looking to get a game for his or her iPhone or iPod Touch. The game is full of content and is just plain addicting. It is quite sad to know that ngmoco:) was planning taking Rolando off the App Store when Rolando 2 came out, but don’t fret, it is still there. With a $5.99 USD price tag, I can easily say it is worth every penny. If you get done with this and are itching for more, be sure to check out Rolando 2 or the LocoRoco games.

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