iZilch is a dice game made by the good folk over at Crystal Springs Software, based on the actual dice game called iZilch.

The Game

iZilch appears to be a simple game, you have six dice on the screen, you roll them, and that’s that. Right? No, absolutely not. The game of Zilch is a game of skill and luck, knowing when to stay and knowing when to roll the dice again. Essentially, you are facing off with your own iPhone in a race to get to 3,000 points. You get points by moving dice into your scoring area, and I have attached the possible combinations that you can use for points as the accompanying screenshot for this paragraph. If you don’t roll any combinations at all, you get a Zilch, also known as no points for the round.

As long as you can get something into the scoring area for that one roll, you can keep going until all of your dice are used up. The risk of course, is rolling a Zilch, which would suck in the case of a close game. Also, if you reach 3,000 points before the iPhone does, the iPhone gets one final chance to catch up to you. This is one of the things that kind of annoyed me, because it seems like as soon as I hit 3,000 points, the computer would be able to pull off a 1,500+ point move for their last move and utterly wreck me. Perhaps it was just those particular games, but I almost threw my iPhone against a wall the third time that happened.


iZilch doesn’t have much in terms of the graphics department, and why should it? It is a dice game, and the dice look like dice. For a game like this, the graphics are average but everything is laid out in a very aesthetically pleasing way, which is more important than flashy graphics.


There is no soundtrack in iZilch, but the sound effects are all very rich and satisfying. The sound of the dice being shaken sounds like dice actually being shaken, and the sound of rolling a Zilch will forever haunt my nightmares. After a while though, the dice shaking sounds gets on your nerves, but thankfully you can turn it off.

Additional Comments

One of the features that iZilch could really benefit from was having a multiplayer mode, because there is nothing more I would enjoy than laying the smack down on people who have no clue how to play iZilch. Also, having the option to have the winner start first would be nice, got rather sick of the iPhone rubber banding its way to victory.


iZilch is a nifty little dice game based on a real dice game appropriately named Zilch, which has a slight learning curve. Once you do learn how to play the game, you’ll be getting destroyed by the iPhone left and right, but at least you’ll be having fun on the go! iZilch is quick and fun to play, and the price is definitely right.

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