Hotel Mogul

Hotel Mogul

Hotel Mogul is a hotel-centric time-management game from Alawar Games.

Have you ever wanted to dabble in real estate? Don’t have the cash or knowledge to get licensed and start flipping properties? Well, Hotel Mogul could be a pretty fun alternative that will only cost you pocket change. What’s the situation? Well, you’re working for a woman who quickly gets pushed out of her company for no real reason other than having a real lack of fashion sense. Your goal is to build her an empire so she can feel better about herself. Alright, that really isn’t the story behind it, but what I just made up was a lot more entertaining for me!

Work faster, faster!

In reality, you’re learning the ins and outs of hotel management – on a very high level. You don’t have to worry about the little details of the hotels, just build ‘em, monetize ‘em, sell ‘em, and complete any objectives you may have for the level. You progress through the different levels, unlocking all kinds of different buildings you can buy that have different capacities or values. There are two kinds of buildings: hotels, and decorative. Hotels are pretty self explanatory, and decorative should be too, but they also add specific bonuses to the buildings in the radii specified by the description. For example, building a statue in between two hotels will increase the income for those hotels by 40%, which is a godsend in the long run.

You will have objectives for every level, they can be as simple as “Build a three star hotel” and they are not very difficult to accomplish, but the real challenge is doing them within the “Expert” time frame, which gives you additional points! These points can then be used to purchase additional hotels, decorations, services, and features for your empire. The sheer variety of buildings and whatever else you can build is simply mind boggling, and adds a certain level of depth to the game that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am sure that later in the game, you will have to use a combination of those decorations and buildings to achieve the income goals you will be needing for the objectives.

Don’t tell me I’m not an expert, dammit let me try again!

The graphics are simple – sprites that are well drawn and have a great level of detail on them. There isn’t very much animation but what little there is is very smooth and pleasant to the eyes. No complaints whatsoever on the graphics, and there are even little animated shorts in between! The sound is simple as well, little dings and dongs go off every now and then letting you know when certain events are happening – like when you have money, or when you can collect your money.

Overall, the game plays very well – the mechanics are smooth and flow very well together, the concept is great for time-management game lovers like myself, and the game is very well polished. On the flip side, the game didn’t blow me away and there is plenty of room for improvement, better than average I would say.

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