The Vortex tower can blow up to kill almost everything with its Rainbow of Doom.

geoDefense is another tower defense game for the iPhone and iPod. By now, most people are aware of the concept behind tower defence, but just in case: You build towers to kill enemies, known as creeps, before they get to the end point. There are two different types of tower defense games: the ones that let you block creeps and create paths for them to navigate, and those that have pre-designed paths for the creeps. geoDefense falls in the latter category. The gameplay of geoDefense consists of you placing and upgrading towers. It controls well, but in reality it is hard to screw gameplay that simple up. Each of the stages consists of a different path that is diverse enough to not feel like it was copied and pasted with a little change.

Though the game may seem simple and easy, geoDefense requires much strategy to win. Placement is key in the game. For each tower you want maximum exposure to the creeps. Sometimes this means putting a laser tower at the end of a lane or a blaster tower as close to as many lanes as possible. After getting a good placement strategy down, you need to get a good balance of upgrading towers and buying new ones. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but each level will, most of the time, challenge you to learn how to beat it. Unfortunately, this results in a focus on trial and error gameplay. This can be overlooked, but in geoDefense, it takes away from the gameplay experience.


The graphics in geoDefense feel like they are pulled straight from Geometry Wars. Everything from the grid background to the different types of creeps. When the creeps die, they explode into a brilliant firework display full of colors. This is a good trade off from the simple puff of smoke, or nothing at all, that other games use. Though the graphics are simplistic, they are very well done.


geoDefense does not have too much sound diversity in the game. There is the basic menu sounds, the various shooting sounds, the creep death sound, and the countdown sounds. The sound isn’t bad, but like the graphics, they are very simplistic. The nice part is that you can listen to you songs while you play the game, and you do not have to worry about the soundtrack going while you do so.

Additional Comments

Chances are that if you are a tower defense fan, you have played this game before. For the newcomers to this genre, it is easy to recommend this as an entry level game to play. It isn’t perfect, but it will give a better idea for what good tower defense games are than most that are out on the iPhone and iPod.


geoDefense is the best fixed course tower defense game I have played for the iPhone so far. This being said, its competition does not give much of a fight. [Editor’s Note: Star Defense could give it a run for its money.] Sometimes the game gets old, but it is a very good tower defense game nonetheless. This game should be on your Application list, if not on your device, if you are a fan of TD or strategy games.

Gameplay – 8.5

Graphics – 8.0

Sound – 7.0

SCORE – 8.0

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