Flipn’ Monsters!

Flipn’ Monsters!

Flipn’ Monsters! is a clever little card game by the guys at The Laboratory that is quick, easy to learn, and might even help your memory out a bit. The game itself is very simple, and I had a blast playing it.

The Game

Flipn’ Monsters! comes out of the box with two game modes: Classic and Arcade. Classic is your regular, run-of-the mill card matching game, where you are trying to match each card with its corresponding pair. You can also try to beat the clock and set a new high score.

The real meat of Flipn’ Monsters! comes in the form of the Arcade mode. Arcade mode is essentially an extremely fast-paced and frenetic twist on the Classic mode. You are shown all of the cards and their position for several seconds before the round starts, and it is up to you to make sure you remember where they are so you can match them again. You are trying to not make any errors matching up the cards so you can keep your streak going, which in turn gives you a points multiplier. This of course gets more difficult as cards will fall down if there is nothing beneath them, completely destroying any positional memorization you may have had.

Oh, it gets more fun than that too. You may have been wondering, where do the monsters come in on all of this? Well, the face of the cards can be one of nine types of original monsters. In Arcade mode, you start out with two types of monsters dominating the board, and every round you make it to will have an additional monster thrown in until you have all nine showing up on the board. The fact that they are all different colours might help you match them up, but it sure gets confusing quick.


I definitely liked the fact that all the artwork of Flipn’ Monsters! is completely original and the monsters themselves are unique. The monsters made me want to say “aww” but also throw in an “eww” after, so I guess I would call them lovingly gross. This is one of the strong parts of Flipn’ Monsters!, because I feel that all of the art is just so professional looking that it adds a more polished feel to the game.


There aren’t much sound effects to be discussed with Flipn’ Monsters! but I will give the developers much kudos for the soundtrack. The soundtrack reminded me of an eerie mix of the laboratory of a mad scientist and a haunted house, which fits the game perfectly with the entire monster theme and all. Definitely a nice touch to the game!

Additional Comments

Flipn’ Monsters! is quick and easy to pick up and play, but there isn’t much more to it other than that. The depth of the game is somewhat lacking, but for $0.99 you really can’t go wrong with a fantastic casual game that you can easily pass around with friends. One of my beefs with the game though, is that there is no way to check your high scores, which I hope the developers will address in the near future with an update.


Flipn’ Monsters! is one of those games you will have fun with regardless of the amount of times you play it. It will work your memory and keep your adrenaline pumping as you try to beat the clock in either Classic or Arcade mode. Definitely one of my recommendations to casual gamers everywhere!

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