Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution is a turn-based strategy game based on the Civilization series by Sid Meier, developed by 2K Games, 2K China, and Firaxis Games.

The Game

For those unfamiliar with the Civilization series, the premise is this: you are the leader of a nation and you will take that nation from the stone ages to the modern era through growth, research, and a little bit of ye olde strongarm. Of course, there is a lot more to it, but occasionally I write as if I am composing a message for Twitter. Anyhow, you as a nation will develop your military, your economy, your technology, and your culture through research, creating buildings, and the exchange of knowledge with other cultures. You will meet these other cultures throughout your playing time, and it is up to you to make peace or go straight for the throat. But of course, they can do the exact same thing right back to you.

Civilization Revolution itself is a turn-based strategy game where you take turns moving units around, settling and building cities, improving your culture and economy, and waging wars. Three of the same unit will create an army, which can allow for a much more powerful, combined attack. Each game of Civilization Revolution has a limited number of turns (Game ends at 2100AD) and the nation with the greatest score at the end of the game automatically wins. Should you choose not to take it to the limit of turns, you can win four different ways: build a spaceship and be the first to make it to Alpha Centauri, capture all of the Capitals of the other nations present, achieve 8 economic milestones, and attract 20 great people (Like Albert Einstein) and build the United Nations wonder. The real challenge is to achieve one of the aforementioned victory conditions before the other nations do.

One of the real problems of the game is that the movement scheme is a bit weird, with the “Go To” option not really being very good. You can click and select anywhere on the screen, but if you have to scroll at all, tough luck moving there. This may not seem like a big deal, but have you ever tried to launch a nuclear ICBM within the same screen? Suicide. In addition, Random Map mode, which just dumps you into a game with four other nations, does not allow you to choose the number of opponents or the size of the map, just the difficulty.


The art style of Civilization Revolution (and the game itself) reminded me of the Nintendo DS version of Civilization Revolution, but with slightly better graphics. The game is very polished and the animations are somewhat smooth.


There is no soundtrack present in Civilization Revolution, but there is quite a diverse array of sound effects. Unfortunately, after playing the game for about an hour and a half straight, I had the urge to choke Queen Elizabeth after hearing her conversational sound effect about 300 times.

Additional Comments

One of my favourite aspects of the Civilization series was playing with my friends online and verbally berating their inability to research technology as fast as I could, and I definitely hope to see multiplayer in a future update of Civilization Revolution. Aside from that, the game has immense amounts of replayability, being able to play as one of many leaders and nations, as well as being able to win in a multitude of different possible ways.


Civilization Revolution is a wonderful incarnation of one of my favourite strategy games of all time, on a mobile device. There are some shortcomings present in the game which prevent it from reaching its full potential, but thankfully they can be corrected in the near future.

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