Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor

Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor

Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor is an action RPG that feels like a throwback to the classic ones on the SNES. The game is very simple. You get a quest, with little knowledge of where to go, you finish said quest and then you get a new one. The part that will turn most people off of Inotia is how it gives you little or no direction of where to go. It isn’t that bad, but do not expect the game to hold your hand and take you from place to place. Even though Inotia is an RPG, it does not have much of a plot. For some people, a good plot will help keep them going, even if the gameplay is not that great, but do not expect anything from this game. A brief glimpse you do see into the plot is the video that plays at the beginning of the game. On the other side, Inotia has a good skill system where you can allocate points you gain by leveling up to make them better. It is not too deep, but it adds a very nice touch to make it feel more RPG-ish.

The combat and controls in Inotia is fairly decent. You run around by tapping on where you want to go. You also engage in combat by tapping on what you want to fight. Once you start fighting something, your character starts to auto-attack his foe. The only input the player has are using special skills, using potions, or running away. Inotia is a semi-forgiving game, but the combat isn’t. If you are fighting something that gives you a small challenge, and another monster starts to attack you, you are probably going to die if you do not run. The difficulty of the monsters can ramp up quickly, so moving on to another location can be a pain if you are not prepared for it. This all being said, a fair amount of grinding is necessary in Inotia if you want to be successful. It is not so bad, but with the ever increasing difficulty per area, just going through it is never enough. Unfortunately, if you are not a fan of grinding levels, you will probably hate Inotia after just a short time with it.


Inotia’s graphics seem like they were pull straight from the SNES days. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but most people prefer good graphics these days. The sprites all do look good and have a certain uniqueness and charm about them, and the environments never felt repetitive or anything of that sort. The graphics are not bad, but some more work could have been put into making the game look better overall.


The audio department of Inotia is one of its major weak points. The music is just a loop, which makes itself very obvious by pausing when it finishes a loop and is about to start over. The sound effects are not great either: they are simple and generic for everything that you do. The only positive thing about the sound is that it is there.

Additional Comments

Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor is a good game, despite this review, but the main point is that some people will love a game like this and play it for a long time, but others will be turned off after the first few minutes. This may sound like most games, but those who enjoy the game will be outnumbered by those who do not. Test the waters with the Lite version and see if this game is for you.


As I mentioned, some will like Chronicles of Inotia, others will not. The game is not revolutionary or anything of the sort, but will be enjoyed those who like action RPGs that require grinding and training to get further in the game. The game is currently on sale for $0.99, and there is a lite version, so give it a shot.

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