Aqua Globs

Aqua Globs

Aqua Globs is a very simple strategy game involving globs of orange and blue that absolutely hate each other, and it is up to you to smush their hate away. Aqua Globs comes from the studios of Qwiboo.

The Game

Aqua Globs is devilishly simple, there are three globs that exist: orange, blue, and green. The orange and blue globs hate the everlasting gobstoppers out of each other and will cause you to lose lives should they touch. Lives are precious! You only have three, so be careful of them. The green globs, on the other hand, are the hippies of the wonderful world of globs. They are the lovers and peacemakers, and are able to merge with either orange or blue globs. The aim of Aqua Globs is to combine the same colours together, and then combine them again to make them disappear. The circular globs merge into square globs, and square globs disappear into thin air when combined. Repeat ad nauseum, until your lives have been depleted.

To control the aqua globs, you merely have to tap on the one you wish to steer, and drag it toward where you want it to go. By dragging into another glob of the same colour or a green glob, you lock them into the same path and they will gravitate towards each other like long lost lovers running toward each other in slow motion on a beach. Aqua Globs doesn’t have much depth behind it, other than try to clear out the existing globs on the screen without losing all of your lives, not much else to it.


The art of Aqua Globs is one of the stronger points of the game because each of the globs has their own unique sprites and not just different colours of the same sprite. The animations are very smooth, and all of the artwork is cute.


Aqua Globs has a very smooth and jazzy soundtrack that puts you into a really relaxed mood, which is probably for the best when playing this game because it gets pretty hectic when there are a lot of globs swimming all over the screen. The sound effects are not a huge factor in the game, but they definitely add that slight oomph to your experience.

Additional Comments

Aqua Globs has a great trophy feature that are pretty much achievements that you can attain while playing. The hardcore gamers will appreciate this feature, as well as the worldwide statistics that are tracked for you. Unfortunately, to be ranked, you will have to register, which is thankfully only your name and e-mail.

Also, there is a great feature to increase your speed of play, which ratchets up the challenge significantly. So if you feel like this is way too easy, just turn up the speed and you should be good to go.


Aqua Globs is a great strategy game that will keep you on your toes, the concept is simple and will have you coming back for more. It needs a little bit more depth, but the achievements and stats will keep the hardcore busy. Check it out!

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